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The presonus faderport 8 builds on the success of the original faderport, where they discovered that we quite like handson control over audio software. Maybe this item is old news, but here goes it does everything the faderport does. Faderport classic how do i set up my faderport classic in ableton. Faderport 16 zoom and scroll button isnt working in ableton, volumefaders arent on zero after startup answered jun, 2019 in faderport 16 by johanneskomrowski 190 points ableton. Presonus faderport 8 control surface audiotechnology.

Efficiently control your music while experiencing the flow of the song. The presonus faderport is one of those little pieces of gear that could make a big difference to the way you work. Motorized fader the fader on the faderport controller provides. Get the best price on presonus faderport at guitar center. Its truly plug and play, ready to record wherever you make music. As youd expect, youll also enjoy supertight integration if you use the faderport with presonuss studio one daw.

I couldnt get this to work properly with ableton 8 and after days on the phone to ableton support and presonus support i decided to send it back. Faderport 8 was designed for studio one and its integration with live is based on the mcu standard. There are features and capabilities developed for companys awardwinning faderport 8 mix production controller including an optimized hui mode for pro tools as well as custom mcu operation modes. Your screen should look something like the image below. Once you have connected your faderport, press and hold the stop button to change the faderport s mode of operation. This is a compact control surface featuring a single motorized fader, a single knob encoder and 24 buttons with fixed labels. Physically, the faderport 16 has some nice features. The presonus faderport is a hardware control surface device that connects to your computer via usb, delivering transport and mixing control. Presonus faderport digital recording interface for sale. Test du presonus faderport v2 avec ableton live et studio one. With faderport, it will marry up with pro tools and many other daws via mackies hui and mackie control universal mcu. There is a special firmware mode that adds specific functionality within ableton live. Presonuss new faderport packs a lot of functionality into a little. And when used with presonus awardwinning studio one, the faderport is a revelation, letting you do things like.

And do the track names come up in the channel screens. Although a keyboard and mouse are triedandtrue dawcontrol devices, theyre far more effective when used in tandem with the faderports precise. Presonus faderport usb production controller musicians. Presonus has done a fantastic job giving its daw a physical interface. Presonus faderport usb production controller guitar center. The presonus faderport is a new compact device that provides convenient access to what youre likely to use most, rather than trying to control every possible function. Firmware update is now part of universal control as of version 2. Get the latest software, downloads and manuals for your presonus products. Besides, the ultra high quality, touch sensitive motorized fader of the presonus faderport usb daw controller makes it ideal for writing fades and automation. Faderports support for the mackie control universal and hui protocols make it compatible with most popular daw software, including pro tools. While im not a regular studio one user, the control surface made me see and feel the software in a whole new way. But they are a much smaller company than their gear would lead you to believe. Recent questions and answers in faderport 16 presonus.

Hold the first and second select buttons on the fp8. You can use the device to start and stop audio playback and recording, adjust volume with the motorized fader, control pan, and automation. This just in from charlie bauerfeind, producer for genredefining power metal pioneers, helloween. There is a special firmware mode that adds specific functionality within. Control your daws solo, recordenable, window selection, play, stop, and record functions. The faderport v2 offers control for logic pro x, cubase, ableton live, pro tools and more. It packs 16 fader channels into a relatively small footprint, so it wont eat up your entire desktop. Presonus faderport 16 16channel mix production controller. The new presonus faderport production controller is quite an update from the original classic single fader, faderport production control center. Presonuss awardwinning microphone preamps, signal processors, digital audio interfaces, mixers, control surfaces, software, and other products are used worldwide for recording, sound reinforcement, broadcast, sound design, and internet audio. The presonus faderport 16 is a 16channel mix production controller featuring 16 longthrow 100mm touchsensitive, motorized faders and 16 digital scribblestrip displays. Getting started with a presonus faderport sweetwater.

In his search for the perfect daw controller for his ultracompactbutcomplex, macbook probased, livebroadcast setup for helloweens rock in rio show on october 4th, he turned to presonuss faderport 16. I was blown away by the ease of use in the faderport 16s setup, and the incredible. The presonus faderport v2 works with any major daw software, be it mac or windowsbased delivering easy, precise control over apple logic, avid pro tools, presonus studio one, steinberg cubase, ableton live, and more. Step 1 select mcu mode to use your faderport 8 within ableton live youll first. Sure, it has a lot of convenient features that allow you to toss your mouse to the wayside. Presonus faderport singlefader usb control surface. Can i use all 16 faders of the faderport 16 with ableton. Your faderport 8 should now be synced and ready for use with ableton live. I am amazed how well this little daw controller works. Future faderport 8 and 16 updates could potentially include a dedicated mcu mode for ableton but be aware that every software will use the mcu protocol.

To find your product, start by selecting a category below or find your products name. Faderports streamlined workflow and support for the mackie control and hui protocols make it fast and easy to control logic pro x, cubase, ableton live, pro tools, and more. The faderport is supported in ableton live through the mackie hui protocol. The latest generation of presonus classic usb control surface, the faderport enables you to record and mix with a smooth, touchsensitive, motorized, 100 mm fader. Faderport 8 with ableton live, select mackie control universal mcu. Thats the big draw for me, mixing with out the computer monitor, dreamy. It offers customized mackie control universal modes for logic, cubase, and ableton live. Most musicians prefer a real fader and transport controls that they can touch. Is anyone using presonus faderport 8 and ableton live out there. Interesting thing here is the windows version of universal control is later than the mac version but both still retain new functions for me anyway. Most presonus faderport are eligible for free shipping. Faderport s streamlined workflow and support for the mackie control and hui protocols also make it fast and easy to control logic pro x, cubase, pro tools, and more.

Presonus faderport v2 single fader usb daw control surface. Under midi ports, toggle the track, sync, and remote buttons to on for the presonus fp8. Presonus faderport usb production controller blackblue. The faderport provides a 100 mm touchsensitive, motorized fader for writing fades and automation in realtime and 24 buttons covering 40 different functions, all in a compact chassis that easily sits on any desk. This audio controller boasts a 100mm long throw fader, which delivers 1024step resolution to create ultrafine and accurate fades and adjustments. All functions happen in real time along with other functions. Studiolive series iii, studiolive ai, studiolive rm, and studiolive classic mixers and mix systems. Theres no question the faderport 8 is enormous bang for buck, and entirely. Thats why we created the faderport, which connects to your computer via usb and delivers complete transport controls for fast and efficient recording, along with a highquality, touch. Audiobox, quantum, studio 192, and studio series interfaces. All ableton live apple logic pro avid pro tools imageline fl studio. Today, presonus is a leading designer and manufacturer of both recording and livesound hardware and software solutions that solve realworld problems for real working creatives.

Manage markers and punch in and out with a footswitch not included. To use your faderport 8 within ableton live youll first need to ensure the fp8 is set to mcu mode. Installing the faderport for pro tools was fairly easy. Not only is it sexy, slim and sturdy it integrates with e. Since 1995, weve built innovative tools for musicians, content creators, producers, and audio engineers. Navigation, automation, and channel controls make mixing and getting around your favorite daw fast and easy with compatibility for virtually any daw host for mac os x or windows. Presonus is a company that makes excellent products for excellent prices.

Presonus faderport has been tested and approved to work with the following software. But while youd expect presonus hardware to be friendlier with presonus software, both studiolive and faderport 8 will also work with other daws. Presonus sent us a faderport, and bill holland got a chance to test it out on crosstalks new news theme. I also explain how to set it up for use in ableton live. Presonus faderport motorized fader control for your. Once you have connected your faderport classic, press and hold the stop button to change the faderport classics mode of operation.

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