Ir remote software for mobile

App available for android, iphone, and windows phone. Unified remote remote control app for your computer. Ir blaster remote controller for smartphone mobile. Best android remote apps 2020 control your tv, pc or smart. Psiloc infrared remote control symbian for mobile free. However, even without a blaster, smart ir remote still works as one of the best thirdparty remotes you can get for media center software, smart tvs, and smart. Infrared remote control a handheld, wireless device used to operate audio, video and other electronic equipment within a room using light signals in the. But mi remote will work with almost any phone with a builtin ir. Plus you can control other devices like air conditioners, fans, lights. Tv remote controller is a pocket pc and pocket pc 2002 application that uses your pda as a universal remote control for tv, vcr, cable, sat, dvd, and other equipment. Turn your smartphone into a wireless universal remote control with the unified remote app.

Turn your android phone into a universal remote control with. Ir universal remote ir universal remote will replace your physical tv remote for good. Highend remotes such as this use multiple ir transmitters for broad coverage. The ir blaster is one of the most underappreciated features on mobile phones.

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