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Development of a 3dof planar parallel robot rrr type for. Although many researchers have paid attention to the design of the parallel robot mechanisms, and proposed several types of parallel mechanisms, for instance, 2 and 3dof planar parallel mechanisms, delta robots with 3 translational degrees of freedom, 3dof spherical robots and 6dof parallel mechanisms, there is still lack of the types of. Two legs are composed of two universal u joints connected by a prismatic p joint. Parallel mechanisms are widely used in various fields of engineering and industrial applications such as machine tools, flight simulators, earthquake simulators, medical equipment, etc.

Performance analysis of 3 dof delta parallel robot citeseerx. The proposed mechanism is to be exploited in a hybrid serial. Its feasible topologies are enumerated by describing its possible forms of actuation. In addition, parallel manipulators have advantages of carrying a. The robot is designed for the precise alignment of semiconductor wafers and, even though its complete workspace is slightly larger, the accuracy improvements are performed within a target workspace, in which the positions. A lqr supervisory control algorithm has designed and implemented on a microcontroller. Since then, researchers have been involved in developing 3dof pms with different structures and configurations, such as spherical 3dof mechanisms, 3rps pms, and orthoglide parallel robots 6,7. Pdf recursive matrix relations for kinematics and dynamic analysis of a parallel robot with prismatic actuators are established in the paper.

The serial robot is mounted on the parallel mechanism which has rrp joints and so is 3 dof. Pma is a new flexible pneumatic actuator with relatively complex mathematical model. A 3dof 3rrr planar parallel manipulator is typical robot arm designed to manipulate precision positioning tasks. Pdf optimal design of a new spatial 3dof parallel robot with. Further one, two identical and parallel bars a3 a4 3 anda6 a7 with same length l3 rotate about the t a 2 frame with the angle a a. We analyze the case of a 3upu parallel robot in which each universal joint attached to the base is substituted by a spherical joint whose motion is constrained by a disk that can freely roll in contact with the sphere without slipping. This paper describes the design and control of the 3dof planar parallel robot for omnidirectional locomotion interface, which can generate infinite floor. The forward and inverse kinematics of a 3dof parallel mechanism for beam aiming applications is derived in closed form. Hussein a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of. Kinematic analysis and design of a new 3dof translational. Further interest in the novel parallel structure of the robot is motivated by the need on the mechanical design and practical applications.

The delta parallel robot consists of a spatial parallel structure with three degrees of freedom, and is. They have also the same mass m3 and the same tensor of inertia j. Development and control of a pneumaticactuator 3dof. A comparison study of two planar 2dof parallel mechanisms. Because of the special structure, the hha combines the characteristics of series and parallel robot and is discovered in high speed. The 3dof serialparallel hybrid humanoid arm hha 1, 2 is composed of a 2dof parallel mechanism and a 1dof serial mechanism, as shown in figure 1, can be used in humanoid robots or automated production lines. Abstractthis paper deals with an efficient implementation of robust controller on 3dof parallel robot driven by pneumatic muscle actuators pmas. Pdf mechatronic design, kinematics analysis of a 3 dof. Robust control of 3dof parallel robot driven by pmas. Adaptive control of a 3dof parallel manipulator considering payload handling and relevant parameter models j. The remainder of the paper is organized as follows. Request pdf analysis of a novel cylindrical 3dof parallel robot in this paper, a novel three degrees of freedom dofs, that are two degrees of translational freedom and one degree of. The workspace of this parallel robot is featured as to be extended along three axes and satisfy the. Presented in icee 2011 the 19th iranian conference on electrical engineering in this study, kinematics design and workspace analysis of a novel spatial parallel mechanism is elaborated.

Modeling and high precision motion control of 3 dof. Important issues such as the position kinematics and workspace evaluation are analysed for one member of the family. In physics, the degrees of freedom dof of a mechanical system is the number of independent parameters that define its configuration or state. In order to perform an optimal design of 3 dof parallel robots, an objective function was developed first, and then genetic algorithms applied in order to optimize the objective function. Pdf dynamics analysis of the 3dof parallel robot with prismatic. R kinematic and dynamic simulation of a 3dof parallel robot 75 carried out considering a linear trajectory in the cartesian space between the point 1 0. The purpose of this paper is to describe a calibration method developed to improve the absolute accuracy of a novel three degrees. Pdf kinematics and workspace analysis of a novel 3dof. Stiffness control for a 3dof parallel robot based machine. Using screw theory and set theory as mathematical tools, the dof and constraint system of 3crr. On the basis of the aforementioned works, the present paper focuses on analysis of the kinematic accuracy reliability of a 3dof parallel robot manipulator. Modeling and high precision motion control of 3 dof parallel delta robot manipulator by eng. A novel 3dof parallel robot and its kinematic analysis. The paper addresses the analysis of three methods for inverse kinematics of a 3dof medical parallel robot with rps revoluteprismaticspherical joint structure using matlabsimulink and.

Analysis of a novel cylindrical 3dof parallel robot. This paper deals with the reconfiguration analysis of a 3dof degreesoffreedom parallel manipulator pm which belongs to the cylindrical parallel mechanisms family. Compared to the developed 3dof translational parallel manipulators, the tripyramid robot is designed based on conical displacement subset to. Kinematic and dynamic analysis of a 3dof parallel robot. Position analysis of a 3dof parallel manipulator sciencedirect. Pdf dynamics analysis of the 3dof parallel robot with.

Novel design and analysis of a fully decoupled 3dof. Design and development of 3dof rpr planar parallel robot. Novel design and analysis of a fully decoupled 3dof spherical parallel robot. Design and analysis of a spatial 3dof parallel manipulator with. A translational 3dof parallel manipulator springerlink. In the past three decades, many novel parallel manipulators were designed and applied in industry, for example, delta robot 1, orthoglide. At the same time, the haptic information from the virtual environment or the sensors on the real robot can be displayed to the operator. This robot is the planar projection of the paminsa robot 6 and the. Inverse kinematics of a 3 dof parallel manipulator ieee xplore. Since the very beginning, the concepts of the jacobian matrix, manipulability and. Kinematic analysis of a novel 3dof parallel robot with 4. Using a 3dof parallel robot and a spherical bat to hit a.

Reconfiguration analysis of a 3dof parallel mechanism. Esobased fuzzy slidingmode control for a 3dof serial. The top revolute joints are actuated indicated by the underbar via basefixed rotational actuators. Analysis of the kinematic accuracy reliability of a 3dof. In practice,these constraints will never been perfectly fulfilled due to the inevitability of errors, and hence produce series bad effects and problems. This video shows the result of my thesis project for masters in mechatronics in tabriz university, iran, 2012. To execute the 3 dof planer parallel robot, atmega16 is used as a controller. Contribute to kaixqu3dofplanarparallelrobotinsimulink development by creating an account on github. This paper presents a new architecture of a three degreeoffreedom parallel manipulator that, if properly assembled, exhibits pure translational motion of the. The results illustrate that the pzt control system can effectively improve reliability 8. Request pdf stiffness control for a 3 dof parallel robot based machine tools in this paper, the topic studied comprehensively is based on the constant stiffness mechanism of a clamp plate. Using the entities of the rotors and motors it is possible define an algorithm to. Mechatronic design, kinematics analysis of a 3 dof medical parallel robot. However, we strongly believe that there is a need for equipment providing more than 3dof arranged in parallel and based on simpler arrangements than 6dof structures.

This paper presents a 3dof degree of freedom translational parallel manipulator named the tripyramid robot. A new three degrees of freedom 3 dof translational parallel manipulator tpm with fixed actuators called a 3prc tpm is proposed in this paper. It is important in the analysis of systems of bodies in mechanical engineering, structural engineering, aerospace engineering, robotics, and other fields the position of a single railcar engine moving along a track has one degree of freedom because. The experimental results demonstrate the advantages of the presented optimization procedure in design of 3 dof parallel robots, specifically. The parameters used for implementing the proposed approach are based on the parameters of the actual prototype in the human and robot interaction laboratory, university of tehran. The present study considers only 3dof threelegged planar parallel robots with prismatic andor revolute joints, one actuated joint per leg, and at most one passive prismatic joint in a leg. Gosselin and angeles and pennock and kassner 14 each present a kinematical study of a planar parallel robot, where a moving platform is connected to a fixed base by three. For the purpose of controlling robot, a new method to establish mathematical model of pma is proposed. Performance analysis of 3 dof delta parallel robot.

Dynamics analysis of the 3 dof parallel robot with prismatic actuators article pdf available in upb scientific bulletin, series d. A novel 3dof spatial parallel robot with four identical prpar kinematic limbs is proposed, which belongs to redundant actuated parallel robot, and its kinematics including motion property, inverse problem, forward problem and workspace are studied. Secondly considering the demand of motion control, we have conducted the analysis on the 3dof parallel robot, which includes inverse displacement. Section one shows the architecture and coordinate system description of the parallel robot manipulator with three identical linkages. This work introduces a new family of 3dof parallel robot manipulators for pickandplace operations. The paper addresses the analysis of three methods for inverse kinematics of a 3 dof medical parallel robot with rps revoluteprismaticspherical joint structure using matlabsimulink and. In this paper, a spherical bat mounted on a 3dof parallel robot is proposed. Workspace for the delta 3 dof parallel robot, section through zplane, height 333mm. After these two manipulators were presented, there are numerous parallel manipulators developed for various industrial applications, such as assembly, packaging and machining operations. The pm is composed of a base and a moving platform shaped as equilateral triangles connected by three serial kinematic chains legs. In this 3dof parallel mechanism, a kinematical chain, associated with. Clearly, methods for evaluating the accuracy of these. Accuracy analysis of 3dof planar parallel robots deepdyve.

The fourbar parallelogram is closed by an elementt a 4 4 of lengthl4, which is identical witht a 2. Controlling the motor with circuit to execute the 3 dof planer parallel robot, atmega16 is used as a controller. Performance analysis and comparison of planar 3dof parallel manipulators with one and two additional branches. Proceedings of the asme 2009 international mechanical engineering congress and exposition. Parallel mechanisms are restricted to some limitations such as irregular workspace, existence of singular points and complexity of control systems which should be studied and analyzed for effective and. Dynamics analysis of the 3dof parallel robot with prismatic actuators 5 topology and one passive constraining leg, all connecting the fixed base to a moving platform fig. Arious performance analyses for parallel robots have. Pdf optimal design is one of the most important issues in robots. The method is illustrated on two practical designs. Firstly, degree of freedom of the parallel robot is solved based on the theory of screw. This paper deals with the design and analysis of a novel and simple twotranslation and onerotation 3 degrees of freedom, 3dof mechanism for alignment. Kinematic analysis and design of a 3dof translational.

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